Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Pandora - Vayikra

either the intel was bad or you did something wrong
i didn't, it's just that
i don't know, there is something that i haven't figured out
don't give me that, i warned you
i know, but something doesn't make sense
nothing makes sense in this world
not like this... anyway

what will you do now?
i feel like braking myself into pieces
you must not do that
i will have to go on

you are not using me, you wouldent use me right? i just have to know


Pollard said...

Hi D. What I love about creativity is that anybody an do it - but it becomes amazing when you have a voice and something to say. I can hear your words your voice. I can hear someone who watches and thinks and experiences. I identify with the searching questions and uncertain feelings of 'Pandors - Vayikra'.

Well done. Also thank you for the feedback on the photo portrait collage and the tribal elements in the work. The tribal aspects have always made me feel that I am in contact with something beyond me yet deeply within me.


Improvedliving said...

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