Thursday, 13 November 2008


Cluj Napoca


Pollard said...

D. the image of the church made me realize that I need to blog about "my favourite things" because when you encounter something nice or cool or memorable, you want to capture it and put it somewhere. This picture I want to put somewhere. Th building rises up regally and powerfully. It has such weight and presence. Your angle helps to bring this up.
I like.Are you shooting architecture again or did you ever stop?

delphy said...

10x again for the kind words
i shoot everything that inspires me at a moment (just that i don't have time to work all the pictures i tale... and new pictures come along and the old ones are in the past)
i guess i haven't had any great architecture picture in a while

crash_test_dummy said...


crash_test_dummy said...


crash_test_dummy said...

binenteles...ramane stabilit:D