Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Portraits ~62~

Wind in my hair
© Delphy


Pollard said...

Hi D. long time since we've chatted. I've gone back and forth between this image and the original on Flickr. I love both. I can see the work done with photoshop? to bring alive the sky, rocks and grass. They look brilliant and alive. Your trademark frame/border creates that surreal and fantasy world that I like and commented on when we first started to talk. Nice work as always. Keep exploring as artists must. A fan.


delphy said...

great comments as always
i've been a little busy with work
i think the sky is the strong part of the image
and i've also used the frame because the girl was to centered ahd the frame gives the helps me correct that
i'll do a break till next week but i will bring some pictures from the trip