Monday, 19 January 2009

Moment in time

© Delphy


Pollard said...

Wow, what a fragment of a story being hinted at here. The intrigue of the title with only a part of the photograph speaking to the experience of the subject. This post asks the viewer to tell the rest of the story you've only hinted at here with the bandaged hand, the cracking mud, the chair etc.

A new bold effort D. Creative. I like.

delphy said...

always supportive
this image was in my head for a while and now it became something real
i don't know how well i've expressed it but i hope it's clear enough
10x again

Dan Pop said...

Poate mai bine era "moments in time" pt ca eu zic ca reflecta mai bine descompunerea treptata, decat sinuciderea ... iar descompuneare asta are loc treptat

delphy said...

e moment ca nu prezint 10 poze de la sinucidere la descompunere
eu captez doar un moment
restul povestii il las pe privitor sa o compuna